Our Process

How does it work?

Key Features

  1. Kit is easily installed by any Garmin Dealer, saving time & money.
  2. Makes your plane much safer and fun to fly!
  3. The cockpit will be so exquisite you can’t help but show it off.


  1. Comes with custom glareshield designed to fit your 182 perfectly.
  2. Not a major modification! No hassle, no worries!
  3. Rapid install to reduce downtime.

What comes with my GaugeMaster kit?

  1. Left hand switch Panel.
  2. Right hand switch Panel.
  3. Harmness with
  4. Installation Manual.
  5. Engine Harness.
  6. G3X Screen  “”
  7. GFA24 (Engine interface Unit)
  8. Engine Sensors kit.
182PROS Re-vine Package includes.
$39,995.00 USD
IFRAvionics Upgrade Package includes.
$55,000 USD

Unlock Your Aircraft's Potential

Upgrade your radio stack with our standard Garmin VFR Package.
  1. GMA35c Remote bluetooth Audio Panel.
  2. GTN750Xi GP5/Nav/Comm.
  3. GTX345ADSB Transponder (In and Out).
  4. GTN650XiGPS/Nav/Comm.
  5. I pad Mount.
  6. Pre-built C182 mlonel harness for two crew, 2 passengers.
  7. Radio Rack Pre-wired.

Why install a Glass Cockpit?

Enhanced situational awareness

by presenting the information in a more organized and visually appealing manner, reducing the cognitive load on the pilot and allowing for quicker and more informed decision-making.

Increased safety and reliability

integrated flight management systems (FMS), and terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS). These provide real-time information, warnings, and alerts.

Efficiency and automation

Many manual tasks are now automated, reducing pilot wordload and freeing up their attention for other critical tasks.
Automated features such as autopilot, autothrottle, and advanced navigation systems improve efficiency, allowing pilots to focus on higher-level decision-making and overall flight management.

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